Version 8.6.26 (15th May 2024)

WINDOWS CLIENT39042Update Patch licence.
WINDOWS CLIENT AND SERVER21151Update GFI Languard to fix various vulnerabilities.*
* This item was originally missed from the release note in error.

Version 8.6.25 (15th February 2024)

WINDOWS CLIENT34337Fix: Securing dump files by registry key.
WINDOWS CLIENT33997Fix: Concurrent Login not working on Windows.
IOS32396Fix: App ShareLogs button is no longer working.
MAC CLIENT33992Fix: Screen Share permission repeats in a loop.

Version 8.6.22 (27th March 2023)

WINDOWS SERVER16215Update Clever API to new version.
WINDOWS CLIENT14418Improve speed of startup.
WINDOWS CLIENT16858Fix: Unable to open console after a delay loggin on.
WINDOWS CLIENT17510Fix: Built in tools not opening.
IOS AND ANDROID1392Fix: Some email alerts not being sent.
IOS14830Lower age restriction in App Store.

Version 8.6.16 (2nd February 2023)

WINDOWS SERVER15285Update the patch management licence.

Version 8.6.15 (31st January 2023)

WINDOWS SERVER15104Fix: Potential directory traversal in patch server.

Version 8.6.14 (14th December 2022)

IOS AND ANDROID10109Send broadcast from mobile app.
IOS AND ANDROID12220Fix: Capture alert emails from mobile app.
MAC CLIENT9704Change internal network port on MacOS to avoid clashes.
ANDROID9519Fix: Dark mode issues with login screen.
3207Fix: Multiple monitors not detected.
IOS AND ANDROID13176Show build information on mobile app.
IOS AND ANDROID13376Fix: Mobile devices go into sleep mode during broadcasts.

Version 8.6.12 (8th November 2022)

IOS AND ANDROID10238Refactor internals of mobile app for speed and reliability
WINDOWS SERVER12288Fix: Clicking the Confide or Favourites tab crashes the server app

Version 8.6.11 (6th October 2022)

IOS AND ANDROID9346 Written word captures on mobile
IOS AND ANDROID8459 Mobile Tab list
8460 Tab control on mobile
IOS AND ANDROID9655 Send message to mobile app
IOS AND ANDROID10110Receive broadcasts on mobile apps
IOS AND ANDROID9422 Fix: allow list on mobile
IOS AND ANDROID9665 Fix: Closing first tab can leave blank screen on mobile app
CHROMEBOOK CLIENT9574 Fix: AD login / AUP re-appears on Chromebooks
IOS AND ANDROID9707 Fix: action policies on mobile being ignored
WINDOWS CLIENT10195Fix: Education Pro interferes with mouse control
WINDOWS CLIENT9439 Fix: Incompatibility with Windows 11 SE and Windows 10 with .net 4.8.1
WINDOWS SERVER10404Add Microsoft Edge to the injection exclusions

Version 8.6.02 (1st July 2022)

MAC CLIENT9469Fix: Client connection problem

Version 8.6.01 (28th June 2022)

WINDOWS SERVER9223Fix: Patch can cause resource leak
IOS AND ANDROID8455Added open website to mobile app
WINDOWS CLIENT9248Fix: Console password box sometimes doesn't have focus
9232Update windows code signing certificate
ALL PLATFORMS Update Branding
WINDOWS CLIENT9370Address block Input release issue - Mouse Problem
WINDOWS CLIENT9424Computer status icons missing in v8.5.98

Version 8.5.92 (29th April 2022)

MAC CLIENT8953Websites are now blocked in real-time as policies are updated
CHROME BROWSER EXTENSION8956Websites are now blocked in real-time as policies are updated
FIREFOX BROWSER EXTENSION8957Websites are now blocked in real-time as policies are updated
CHROMEBOOK CLIENT8954Websites are now blocked in real-time as policies are updated
WINDOWS CLIENT8952Websites are now blocked in real-time as policies are updated
IOS AND ANDROID8955Websites are now blocked in real-time as policies are updated
WINDOWS CLIENT8967Improve reliability of mouse control restore (Take Control)
WINDOWS CLIENT9058Fix: Help Guide Link Broken
WINDOWS CLIENT AND SERVER9071Fix: Critical Vulnerabilities in Log4Net
CHROMEBOOK CLIENT9056Fix: Login problem with certain sites on Chromebooks
WINDOWS CLIENT9080Applications are now blocked in real-time as policies are updated
WINDOWS CLIENT9082Window Captions are now blocked in real-time as policies are updated
IOS AND ANDROID9083Window Captions are now blocked in real-time as policies are updated
IOS AND ANDROID8452Added lock screen functionality
MAC CLIENT9089Fix: Clients won't connect on MacOS version 12.3
MAC CLIENT9097Window Captions are now blocked in real-time as policies are updated
MAC CLIENT9081Applications are now blocked in real-time as policies are updated

Version 8.5.85 (22nd March 2022)

WINDOWS SERVER8730Fix: Server changelog shows Forbidden.
CHROMEBOOK CLIENT8389Fix: Broadcasts can be escaped.*
IOS AND ANDROID8453Implemented disable Internet.
WINDOWS CLIENT8874Fix: Connection timeout too short when using DNS server lookup.
WINDOWS CLIENT671Broadcast stability improvements.
WINDOWS CLIENT672Broadcast stability improvements.
* We are aware another method to bypass the chromebook broadcast hs been reported and are investigating.

Version 8.5.82 (24th February 2022)

WINDOWS CLIENT8543Fix: Clicking a link in the log viewer doesn't use the full URL.
WINDOWS CLIENT1441Fix: Performing a full screen broadcast of a high resolution screen only shows a portion of the screen.
CHROMEBOOK CLIENT8689Fix: Performing a full screen broadcast of a high resolution screen only shows a portion of the screen.
MAC CLIENT8687Fix: Uncaught Exception on start up.
IOS AND ANDROID8743Fix: App crashes if log retention is set to 365 days.
WINDOWS CLIENT8780Added extra diagnostic code to device blocking on remote control.
CHROMEBOOK CLIENT8728Add placeholder text to Chromebook site blocked page.
ANDROID8690Allow MDM deployment and configuration of Android application.
IOS7944Allow MDM deployment and configuration of iOS application.

Version 8.5.77 (19th January 2022)

WINDOWS SERVER8436Fix Clever group access rights not being created.
WINDOWS CLIENT, MAC CLIENT8180Add support for Windows 11.
WINDOWS CLIENT2361Fix “Take Control” not locking out some touchpads and touchscreens.

Version 8.5.73 (6th December 2021)

WINDOWS SERVER AND CLIENT8271Update Patch Management to V12 and renew the licence.
WINDOWS SERVER8266Fix vulnerability in HTTP server.
ANDROID CLIENT8044Fix problem opening too many tabs.
WINDOWS SERVER8306Re-word some text to mention Android.
MAC CLIENT8198Add timeout to Mac client connections.
WINDOWS SERVER8367Fix firewall rules for Patch HTTP server.
CHROMEBOOK CLIENT2360Prevent lock screen from being closed.
WINDOWS SERVER8409Allow Android version number to be ahead of server version.
IOS AND ANDROID8412Allow logs to be shared for connection problems.
IOS AND ANDROID8344Fixed a problem grouping with exclusions.
IOS AND ANDROID8343Fixed a problem grouping by IP when the device has multiple IPs.
IOS AND ANDROID8312Fixed a problem grouping by OS with wildcards.
ANDROID8391Fixed a problem entering the server IP in portrait mode.
ANDROID8278Released the Android client for Education Pro.

Version 8.5.69 (23rd November 2021)

WINDOWS CONSOLE, MAC CONSOLE8054Updated consoles to support Android clients.

Version 8.5.67 (19th October 2021)

WINDOWS SERVER8050Patch Management Module causing server to lock up

Version 8.5.66 (29th September 2021)

WINDOWS SERVER8022Can't import google groups

Version 8.5.65 (23rd September 2021)

WINDOWS SERVER8021Can?t open Impero Console on Big Sur MacOS
MAC CLIENT8019Mac - M1 Mac not connecting to server
MAC CLIENT7929Client crashes when getting inventory on M1 powered Macs
WINDOWS CLIENT8013Chromebook screens sometimes fail to connect
MAC CLIENT6712No timestamps in TLSProxy log
WINDOWS SERVER7880Scheduled Reports not running after first export
WINDOWS SERVER146Email Alerts aren't sent if the group is renamed
WINDOWS CLIENT8007Intermittent Client Connectivity issues
WINDOWS SERVER8000Implement - Single user mode (disconnect inactive fast user switching sessions)
WINDOWS SERVER7928Daily import checkbox on SIS page unchecks when changing tab and changing back

Version 8.5.61 (13th July 2021)

WINDOWS SERVER3115Clever only imports teacher for one school
WINDOWS CLIENT7971Potential Impero utilities process leak
WINDOWS CLIENT7787Issues viewing clients with native zoom above 100%

Version 8.5.60 (15th June 2021)

WINDOWS SERVER7870Potential license leak
WINDOWS SERVER7866E-mails fail if there is a space in the recipient list
WINDOWS SERVER7773SMTP sometimes doesn't feedback errors to the UI
WINDOWS SERVER7975Email settings test fails with no username and password are given
WINDOWS SERVER7924Add no security option to mail server settings

Version 8.5.57 (12th May 2021)

WINDOWS CLIENT7966Machines can go into sleep mode during broadcasts on Windows 10 20H2
WINDOWS CLIENT7969Users can import any AD group and have full access to it

Version 8.5.56 (21st April 2021)

IMPERO SERVER7956Server sometimes fails to send block/allow list to cloud users
IMPERO SERVER7942Read the server listening port from the registry

Version 8.5.54 (24th March 2021)

CHROME CLIENT7862Impero extension stops website working
IOS CLIENT7920Allow mismatched version numbers when sending policies to iOS
IMPERO SERVER7926iOS active directory login option visible

Version 8.5.50 (10th February 2021)

IMPERO CLOUD7810MSM dashboard won?t allow some domains
MAC CLIENT7916Renew Apple provisioning profile & app certificates

Version 8.5.49 (27th January 2021)

IMPERO SERVER7881High CPU usage impacting hosted servers
CHROME CLIENT7886Chrome extension must work with older as well as newer Server versions
IMPERO SERVER7907DeviceStats message sometimes interfere with Server connection process

Version 8.5.45 (12th January 2021)

IMPERO SERVER7901Creating the recording list takes 15 seconds of CPU

Version 8.5.44 (16th December 2020)

WINDOWS CLIENT7889Windows lock screen can be bypassed
IMPERO SERVER7888Add BIOS serial number to inventory data

Version 8.5.42 (27th November 2020)

IMPERO SERVER7868Server leaks memory when cloud interface is in use
IMPERO SERVER7858Update the GFI patch license code
IMPERO SERVER7692SIS Integration server tab UI Improvements

Version 8.5.39 (11th November 2020)

IMPERO SERVER7842WAL files aren?t trimmed after big database operations
IMPERO SERVER7853Large memory leak in data extraction
IMPERO SERVER7692Added Apply (save) button to SIS integration

Version 8.5.38 (2nd November 2020)

New Feature: Group by Public IP address (Windows and ChromeOS only)
This feature allows admins to create a computer group with membership based on the public IP address of the device client. This feature currently only supports the Windows and ChromeOS clients.
IMPERO SERVER7699Update server to support device client public IP
WINDOWS CLIENT7703Update group membership to support public IP
WINDOWS CLIENT7700Update client to send/read public IP to server
WINDOWS CLIENT7706Add UI for public IP to Windows Impero Console
CHROME CLIENT7705Update group membership to support public IP
CHROME CLIENT7702Update client to send/read public IP to server

Version 8.5.37 (14th October 2020)

IMPERO SERVER7772Clients fail to connect due to send queue backlog
IMPERO SERVER7784Server crashes if data export happens before any power management logs are created
IMPERO SERVER7692SIS configuration gets losts

Version 8.5.34 (30th September 2020)

IMPERO SERVER7716Allow and Block list items can be added without starting a lesson
IMPERO SERVER7571Updated SMTP mail server settings
ONEROSTER IMPORTER6755Populate the full names from the oneroster data
ONEROSTER IMPORTER6757Populate the group names with class names and period number appended

Version 8.5.31 (26th August 2020)

WINDOWS CLIENT7689AD Computer groups not recognising machines
IMPERO SERVER7576ComputerNames.csv doesn't show events in the serverservice.log

Version 8.5.26 (12th August 2020)

New Feature: Computer Name override for ChromeOS
This feature allows admins to create a CSV file that will override the directory API ID used to identify ChromeOS devices with a user friendly name for the device
IMPERO SERVER, CHROME CLIENT7117Added Computer Name override CSV for ChromeOS

Version 8.5.25 (28th July 2020)

IMPERO SERVER, WINDOWS CLIENT, MAC CLIENT6449Send files through NATs (via Impero Server)
WINDOWS CLIENT1120Room layout resets randomly
MAC CLIENT7130Mac client crashes on exit of send file

Version 8.5.20 (14th July 2020)

IMPERO SERVER5742Persistent Storage of All Lesson Data
IMPERO SERVER3470Impero Server Mail server using TLS 1.2 instead of 1.0

Version 8.5.17 (1st July 2020)

New Feature: Lesson Management
This feature allows teachers to begin and end a lesson. If during a lesson, any of the following actions are performed:
Add items to the Allowed/Block List
Lock Screens
Disable Internet
Broadcast screens
At the end of the lesson, the actions will be removed or revered. The teacher is able to end the lesson manually if needed.
MAC CLIENT4986Screen recordings file transfer now using encryption
WINDOWS CLIENT1276Fixed issue where recordings not working correctly with multiple IP addresses
IOS CLIENT6599Fixed Issue with version numbering
MAC CLIENT6599Fixed Crash issue when performing Inventory action policy is enabled
IMPERO SERVER6348Fixed Issue where screen recordings would get deleted if they failed to be sent to server

Version 8.5.03 (27th May 2020)

New Feature:
Audit logging for data extraction
IMPERO SERVER6120Fixed potential issue where Allow/Block list expiry could lead to mismatch between EdPro and Cloud Console

Version 8.4.88 (13th May 2020)

New Feature:
Inventory Data collection has also been expanded to report, and not limited to, Free Disk Space Firewall, IP addresses and many more on iOS, Mac and Chromebook Clients.
IMPERO SERVER5292Fixed potential server crash while excessive loading of clients
CHROMEBOOK CLIENT5237Fixed issue where ChromeOS application won?t install from Chrome Web Store

Version 8.4.83 (29th April 2020)

New Feature:
Inventory Data collection has also been expanded to report, and not limited to, Free Disk Space, Processor Type, Anti-Virus, Firewall, IP addresses and many more.
IMPERO SERVER4877Improved Connection Stability
IMPERO SERVER3921Fixed Issue where unlicensed server causing error messages in the cloud services
Known Issue:
Chromebook Extension will not install from GSuite.
Use Chromebook Extension/App version 8.4.59

Version 8.4.77 (15th April 2020)

IMPERO SERVER4103Fixed issue where remote/thumbnail was still possible when disable monitoring enabled
IMPERO SERVER4505Fixed Issue where remote screenshots was still possible when disable monitoring enabled
Inventory Data collection has also been expanded to report, and not limited to, Free Disk Space, Processor Type, Anti-Virus, Firewall, IP addresses and many more.

Version 8.4.59 (7th April 2020)

MAC CLIENT1119Fixed issue where Mac console thumbnail view jumps back to computer list after 30 seconds
IMPERO SERVER3759Fixed issue with Common IDs with Database Shard
IMPERO SERVER3717Fixed Issue with Log Viewer crashing when expanding groups
CHROMEBOOK CLIENT3901Updated permissions on Chrome Book Extensions

Version 8.4.42 (4th March 2020)

WINDOWS CLIENT1745Fixed issue where recordings were not sent to server if user logs off before recording finishes

Version 8.4.40 (19th February 2020)

IMPERO SERVER970Fixed Client Service not starting
IMPERO SERVER1949Improved Connection resiliency to Cloud Service
IMPERO SERVER2373Fixed Server Crashing when no clients have ever connected
CHROMEBOOK CLIENT2825Fixed issue where users can not close or focus tabs
WINDOWS CLIENT1616Fixed issue where users can still use keyboard when blank screen is selected
IMPERO SERVER627Fixed issue where SIS integration import time change inexplicably
WINDOWS CLIENT2910Fixed issue where not all clients installed after auto-update
Improved various logging elements

Version 8.4.32 (28th January 2020)

IMPERO SERVER1734Fixed Server crash when sending response to disconnected connection service
WINDOWS CLIENT925Fixed client console when it confused when multiple poeple log in/out of a PC
IMPERO SERVER1594GFI/LanGuard license update
IMPERO SERVER950Fixed allowed websites remaining after timer expires
WINDOWS CLIENT1096Fixed log viewer filtered results

Version 8.4.28 (9th January 2020)

New Features and Improvements:
Block list feature added to Cloud Console - Stop users from accessing specific websites in support browsers
Save list feature added to Cloud Console - Console users can now save Allow/Block lists they have created
Complete overhaul of the Allow list interface - Drop down menu added for users to move between Allow/Block/Save list features
IOS CLIENT#7628Fixed NSURL ERROR DOMAIN ERROR -999 when using Impero iOS Browser
WINDOWS CLIENT#7570Removed pending folder causing client service not to run
WINDOWS CLIENT#7443Added new method of blocking applications that is not reliant on DLL injections
ONEROSTER IMPORT TOOL#149Updated OneRoster import tool to support additional SIS datasets including Infinite Campus
IMPERO SERVER, WINDOWS CLIENT#134Fixed AD query timeout issue that caused the Windows console to jump to focus
IMPERO SERVER#139Update EdPro certificate Expiry to support iOS 13
IMPERO SERVER#264Google Classroom sync able to support more than 30 users
IMPERO SERVER#283Added a garbage collect tool to clean up settings file and improve performance
IMPERO SERVER#262Fixed issue when server web licence expired
IMPERO SERVER, WINDOWS CLIENT, MAC CLIENT#423Capture recordings now only viewable from the log viewer
IMPERO SERVER, WEB CONSOLE#147Periodically refresh the groups list if a connection issue is detected
WINDOWS CLIENT, IMPERO SERVER#721Client TCP connections are now being correctly closed when devices disconnect
WEB CONSOLE#892Fixed issue when case sensitivity caused problems when logging into the web console
IMPERO SERVER#410Significantly reduce sync times when importing large amounts of data from Clever

Version 8.3.26 (12th September 2019)

New Features and Improvements:
Improved Power and usage reporting in VDI environments
Enhanced Patch Management to support Cloud hosted servers
Windows Blank Screen Driver for Windows 10 is now only installed on a device when the feature is used
IMPERO SERVEREP-7430Impero server stops trying to connect to connection service
CLOUD CONSOLEEP-7427Fixed ?Unfortunately, you are not currently licensed to use this module of Education Pro? message
CONNECTION SERVICEEP-7404Impero Servers cannot be accessed from the Cloud
CLOUD CONSOLEEP-7403Inactivity page sign in button does not allow you to sign back in
CLOUD CONSOLEEP-7331Selection not preserved when changing between Admin live view and list view
WINDOWS CONSOLEEP-7094Resolved exploit allowing users to gain remote control when access rights were not set
MACOS CLIENTEP-6415Quickly locking and unlocking group can cause Mac to be permanently locked
IMPERO SERVEREP-6356Multiple captures no longer triggered for managed policies
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-7265Chromebook client works with newer Impero Server versions
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-6906Fullscreen broadcast can be bypassed via CTRL+ALT+DEL
IMPERO SERVEREP-7346Lock screen briefly appears when closing and re-opening Chromebook lid
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-7316Policies stop applying after rebooting Windows
IMPERO SERVEREP-7568Impero Server can get in a deadlock state at midnight and stop responding
IOS CLIENTEP-7628Fixed NSURL ERROR DOMAIN ERROR -999 when using Impero iOS Browser
Mac Client update - After installation restart the computer.
Mac Client update - UDP Broadcast has been removed from the MacOS client. In order to connect to your Impero Server you will need to create a ServerIP file or a DNS entry. Please contact Impero Support if you require any assistance

Version 8.2.24 (27th June 2019)

New Features:
Expansion of EdAdmin Module in Impero C Series
Admin List and Live view - Allows Admins to monitor and support large groups of devices on the network
Device Overview - Displays device details such as model and serial number and device user history, who logged in and when
Geolocation for ChromeOS - Managed ChromeOS devices supply last known location when logged in with Managed user account
Admin focused Dashboard - 3 all new Visualisations highlighting Devices under 10% remaining storage, Device not connected to Impero for 7 days and Devices unused for 7 days
Improved Navigation Menu in Impero C Series
Chromebooks added to Power usage reporting
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-6943Expanded dates displayed correctly in log viewer
IMPERO SERVEREP-6823Changes to confide Classifications are now saved correctly
APPLE IOS CLIENTEP-5881EdPro iOS Browser won't search for terms with spaces
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4253Capture notifications display no captures in the Impero Console
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-7277No logging for exceptions when checking websites
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-7160High Memory usage by ImperoWinlogonApplication
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-7155Lowercase in computer name prevents captures & recent history displaying in computer list view
IMPERO SERVEREP-7157No RDS device groups populating in
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-7169Multiple displays not appearing when in Remote Control
Mac Client update - After installation restart the computer.
Mac Client update - UDP Broadcast has been removed from the MacOS client. In order to connect to your Impero Server you will need to create a ServerIP file or a DNS entry. Please contact Impero Support if you require any assistance

Version 8.1.41 (9th May 2019)

New Features:
Apple Mac in C Series - MacOS support added to Impero C Series
Live View
Remote Control
Launch Website
Lock Screen
Disable Internet*
Send Message
Allowed Website List*
IMPERO SERVEREP-6985DataAccessLog.log file preventing imperoserverSVC service from running correctly
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-6975Impero Client process correctly terminates when stopping imperoclientSVC service
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-6930Resolved issue with certain resolutions and display settings preventing the whole screen from being viewed in thumbnail/remote control views
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5459Fixed ?insert smart card? popup message on some Windows devices
IMPERO SERVEREP-7092Console/Workstation limits update correctly following web check
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-6315Resolved captures and recent history intermittently failing to load in the computer list view
IMPERO SERVER, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-7058Fixed duplicate managed policy causing settings and policies not to apply
MACOS CLIENTEP-7144UDP broadcast server discovery removed from MacOS client
IMPERO SERVER, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-7136Added Virtual Box injection exclusions to Impero Server
Mac Client update - upgrading from v7.4 or earlier
Mac Client update - After installation of v8.1.41 or higher on MacOS, you are required to restart the computer.
Mac Client update - UDP Broadcast has been removed from the MacOS client. In order to connect to your Impero Server you will need to create a ServerIP file or a DNS entry. Please contact Impero Support if you require any assistance

Version 8.0.64 (2nd April 2019)

WINDOWS CLIENTEP-2588Fixed Request Assistance alert not being sent when at the Windows login screen or ctrl+alt+del screen
MAC CLIENTEP-5774Filter button now correctly applying in Mac console
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-6259Fixed issue with Windowed Broadcast populating the rest of the screen with a grey background
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-6560Send file now works to logged out machines
IMPERO SERVEREP-6628Fixed issue where ilog files expanded to a large size in a short period of time
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-6974Reverted DPI changes to fix Broadcast and Remote Control not show full screen
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-6944Client is now correctly downloading and applying the injection exclusions list
CHROME CLIENTEP-6955Resolved issue preventing the Chrome client from starting in some cases
MAC CLIENTEP-6893Upgraded Mac Client to use TLS1.2*
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-6975Impero Client process terminated correctly when stopping ImperoClientSVC service
*Mac Client update ? After installation of v8.0.64 on MacOS, you are required to restart the computer. Failure to do so will prevent the Mac Client from connecting to your Impero Server

Version 7.4.36 (14th December 2018)

New Features:
Impero Alert - Quickly send Alerts to all connected Impero Clients using a mobile messaging app
Power Management Reports - added export to CSV option to Usage Analysis
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4299Fixed console display scaling issue when NOT set to 100% (Windows 8/10 only)
WINDOWS CLIENT, MAC CLIENT, CHROME CLIENTEP-6329Multiple client connectivity issues resolved across Windows, Mac and Chrome platforms
WINDOWS CLIENT, WINDOWS SERVEREP-6341Fixed console not responding issue
CLASSROOM CLOUDEP-6398Fixed stale connections being displayed in Classroom Cloud
CCS (CLOUD CONNECTION SERVICE)EP-6420Resolved issue with access token expiry causing connection service to fail
IMPERO SERVEREP-6445Fixed out of memory exception that causes data XML?s to reset to default
IMPERO SERVEREP-6641Resolved issue with database WAL files growing to big
CHROME CLIENTEP-6616Resolved issue when ChromeOS devices get stuck in a ?connecting? state in the thumbnail view
CHROME CLIENTEP-6447Screen sharing message on ChromeOS times out after 180 seconds when Impero Server is unavailable

Version 7.3.36 (26th October 2018)

New Features:
Classroom Cloud Enhancements - view more than 50 live thumbnails per group
Classroom Cloud Enhancements - Time limit on Allowed Website list
Hacking and Cybercrime Keyword Library
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-6258Automatically download missing Impero Relay files
CLASSROOM CLOUDEP-6052Users are able to unlock screens after 51st group member joins
IMPERO SERVEREP-6309Fixed group ID issue allowing users to view captures they don?t have access to
WINDOWS CLIENT, CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-6281Fixed broadcast shrink issue have group is refreshed in Impero Console
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-6278Improved performance on Chromebooks Receiving Lock Screen and Disable Internet
MACOS CLIENT, CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-6268Fixed Mac Console not locking all Chromebooks in group
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-6282Chromebooks retain policy, group and setting data, dramatically improving performance
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-6395Chromebook - built-in policies overwrite cache
IMPERO SERVER, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-6394AD based groups can cause connectivity issues
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-6381If Chromebook is locked soon after start up it sometimes won't initially lock
CLASSROOM CLOUDEP-6369Slowly connecting thumbnails
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-6340Chromebook connectivity issues - NACL crashing on start up
MACOS CLIENTEP-6123Mac - Console slow to open with large group numbers
MACOS CLIENTEP-5365Macs disconnect and require reboot or service restart

Version 7.2.43 (25th September 2018)

New Features:
>Broadcast Screen - Teachers can broadcast their screen to students
>Change Password - Teachers can reset/change the login password for students on a Windows device
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4535Missing translations fixed in Power Management reports
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-5972Add Full name to Mac thumbnail view.
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5973Configure Policy Schedule interface to be Colour Blind friendly
CLASSROOM CLOUDEP-6020Displays a warning when Classroom Cloud group exceeds number of clients it can display
CLASSROOM CLOUDEP-6043Processing access rights resolved an issue resulting Intermittent google classroom Sync fails
ALL CLIENTSEP-6047Dramatically improved allowed website list propagation performance
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-6050Updated policy schedule interface to be colour blind friendly
CLASSROOM CLOUDEP-6058Removed 200 group limit in Classroom Cloud
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-6096Remote connections not showing up under Computer in the Log Viewer
IMPERO SERVEREP-6121Offline users don?t appear in the log viewer dates view
IMPERO SERVEREP-6142Prevent v5.2 or older clients connecting to v7.2+ Impero Server
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-6247Mac console gets confused when losing connection or switching servers
CLASSROOM CLOUD, SINGLESIGNONSERVEREP-6248Support URL lengths beyond default 2048 characters when conducting Google Classroom sync
IMPERO SERVEREP-6249Match local device accounts to Clever users during sync.
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-6250Improved system clean up after console crash
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-6272Fixed broadcast showing large Impero icon
IMPERO SERVEREP-6245Changed default console access rights for new installs to no access

Version 7.1.32 (17th August 2018)

New Features:
Google Classroom Integration - Allows authorized users to import classes created in Google Classroom directly into Classroom Cloud creating groups, adding members and setting access rights
Impero Server Browser tool added to Mac Client - Allows authorized users to switch Impero Console between different Impero Servers
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5678Added 2min auto reconnect to Screen Broadcast for users that disconnect from Network
ENTERPRISE CONSOLEEP-5785Added ?Enable Google Classroom Integration? option to Enterprise Console
WINDOWS CLIENT, IMPERO SERVEREP-5873?Pending? folder removed after auto update of client
WINDOWS CLIENT, IMPERO SERVEREP-5918Added ?dllhost.exe? to the Impero Server injection exclusions. Resolves High CPU usage issue on Windows 10
WINDOWS CLIENT, IMPERO SERVEREP-5916Added ?ClipUp.exe? to the Impero Server injection exclusions. Resolves Windows activation not working
IMPERO SERVEREP-5940Added Admins listed on the SIS Integration tab to access rights for all Google Classroom groups
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5963Fixed crash after ending Broadcast in some circumstances
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-2354Pop-up message appears in ?Take Control? mode when a UAC prompt appears with recommended actions

Version 7.0.65 (1st June 2018)

New Features:
Client/Server Performance Enhancements total clients per server more than tripled
SIS/MIS Integration Update Import directly from CSV file
Google Authentication added to Classroom Cloud and Enterprise Console
Advanced LDAP new configuration settings added to Impero Server
Windows 10 Hybrid Shutdown added new shutdown options in group settings for improved WOL support in response to Windows 1803 Spring Creators changes
Windows Console startup speed enhancements
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-140Live thumbnail, view by username
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-106Run website not working with Chrome or Firefox
CHROMEBOOK CLIENT, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3352Screenshot via remote session aren?t saved
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3670Broadcasting to a login screen doesn?t display the second broadcast
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3725Screenshots can show ?Modified outside Impero? if taken to quickly
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3802?Cancel Broadcast? doesn?t close broadcast
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-4144Mac broadcast fails displays a blank screen
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-41962 computer instances created after logging in
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4748Unable to login to using Chrome browser
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5080Open square bracket in policy item stops after login in
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5412Client taking a long time to connect after logging in
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-5417Chromebook not going to sleep when impero client is installed
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-5458Run website on an iOS device opens safari instead of Impero app
APPLE OSX CLIENT, CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-5495Locking/unlocking Chromebook screen slow at applying
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-5572Can?t browse to the impero console using command+tab
IMPERO SERVEREP-5646Error importing clever sections
ENTERPRISE CONSOLE, CLASSROOM CLOUDEP-5596Preserve data when customer goes from beta to production and back
IMPERO SERVEREP-5618Add advanced LDAP configuration options
IMPERO SERVEREP-5743Webcheck URL contains activation code
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5766VerifyPeer is causing high CPU usage in RDS environments
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-2564Mac - Remove from group fails when the user is in a built in group
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-2606Mac - Take control not preventing physical user control
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3253Mac - Cannot double click when remote controlling the mac
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3366Mac Console - Send message not sending to Windows machines
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3410Mac - Can't turn off live thumbnails via access rights
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3412Mac - Group setting for some access right features not working
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3422Mac Console - Recent history not working
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3491Advanced Policies - Multiple URL captures being triggered
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3830Mac Description is not filled in correctly in LogViewer for captures from Mac OSX
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-4217Mac - Run Website/File not opening website
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-5376Mac - Can use delete button to remove a group when remove group access is disabled
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-5609Mac - Remote control doesn't connect until screen changes
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-5625MAC Console User visible if console domain is not .local
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-5626MAC - console thumbnail view not cleaning up screen connections when closed
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-5635Mac - white screen displayed intermittently when a broadcast ends
APPLE OSX CLIENT, CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-5676Message sent from MAC to Chromebook is garbled
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-5721Mac - Violation data not initially visible in the list view when opening the console

Version 6.4.43 (26th April 2018)

New Features:
Classroom Cloud - Allow only website list added
Enterprise Console ? Managed Policy Status & Profiles
Microsoft Edge Browser Extension
Active Directory support for Mac OSX
Improvement and Enhancements:
VDI Environment Performance Enhancements
Mac Client Improvements
Remove separate Classroom Cloud user from Console Access Rights
Log off Previous user session when logging in for a second time
Blank Screen Driver for Windows 10
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5439High CPU usage on VDI Session
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3428Printing not working when client cannot connect to server
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5420Excessive disk usage on the client in VDI Environments
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5414Full screen broadcasts flickering on the client machines
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5379High CPU on VDI Environments
IMPERO SERVEREP-5363Impero Server becoming unresponsive due to rising thread count
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-5353Mac Console gets incorrect access rights when two or more users have similar usernames in console access rights
IMPERO SERVEREP-5333Cannot migrate Insight users to groups data from one EdPro server to another
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3301Mac Client not respecting group priorities
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-1852Multiple monitors sometimes do not appear on the remote view/control feature
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-578Mac Console authentication problems
EP-16Console users can record or take a screenshot of a computer they have been denied remote access to
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5374Impero Console slow to close
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4928Log off previous user session when logging in a second time
IMPERO SERVER, TEACHER CONSOLEEP-5092Remove separate classroom cloud user from console access rights
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3114Add blank screen monitor driver to remote control
TEACHER CONSOLEEP-4629Manage allow only list for group
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4725Grey screen when the console is opened on a fast user switch account
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4928Log off previous user session when logging in a second time
TEACHER CONSOLEEP-4979Display Chromebook thumbnails in Chrome
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5158Add blank monitor screen driver to Windows client installer
INSIGHTEP-5362Insight customer can only see 14 days of captures
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-5410Offline logs not Syncing back to Impero Server
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5466Blank screen monitor driver does not work on Windows 8
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-5491ChromeOS remote view goes grey if end user closes and reopens Chromebook lid
CHROMEBOOK CLIENT, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5541Chrome Browser/Chromebook ? allow list websites are still being blocked
BROWSER EXTENSIONS, CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-5529Chrome extension logging multiple log entries for the same page
IMPERO SERVEREP-5530AUP?s that contain a page break resets all settings
IMPERO SERVEREP-5594Log viewer incorrectly shows captures for users against the wrong group
APPLE IOS CLIENT, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5614iOS Console - thumnbnails not working for Windows clients
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5486RDS environment maxing out the CPU
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5612No access to Entire network causes console users to not see captures from other groups

Version 6.3.74 (6th April 2018)

IMPERO SERVEREP-5594Log Viewer incorrectly shows captures for users against the wrong group

Version 6.3.72 (5th February 2018)

New Features:
Cross Platform AUP, now includes iOS, Windows, MAC and Chromebook.
Classroom Cloud Console
Disable Monitoring
New Console Access Right to restrict whether new items can be added to a group by name.
Clever - Method to choose which clever field to map usernames too
Clever - Option for Impero Admin to give themselves access to ALL groups.
Improvement and Enhancements:
Send and Run a file with credentials.
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-959Disable Workstation should stop the Impero Client from monitoring
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4068Pin groups - Incorrect user joining Pin group
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-1033Remove the YouID button in the Impero Console
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5052Adding users to a group during group creation will not populate the group
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5018Console stop responding when enabling managed policies with 1200 users + 800 groups
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4909Console Users have the ability to send console Actions/Functions to the Entire Network after service restart
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4836Block policies not triggering when remoted onto a computer inside a computer group
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4066Windows 10/8.1 clients can escape full-screen broadcasts
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3961Perform inventory does not work for Windows PC's
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5095Unknown Command message clogging up the client logs.
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5073Thumbnails appearing for users that don't have access to entire network
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5039Console won't open after upgrade
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4992Bad Console Performance when adding a new group with a large amount of groups and clients
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4966Wake on LAN wakes the wrong machine.
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4965iOS devices earlier then 5004 don't hide the recent history or captures.
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4920URL blocking issues when using Youtube's search function
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4871CPU spiking when making group changes when there are already a large amount of groups
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4835Patch management missing French translations
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4640Patch Management - Scheduled scans for Sundays do not work
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4314Extra task tray icons appearing randomly
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4176InjectionDriver isn't properly signed
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3877Force Google Safe Search Preventing Google Terms Form From Displaying Correctly
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-21Console - Live thumbnails - Thumbnail view scrolls to the top when a user logs on
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5091Advanced policies - Multiple copies of built-in policies
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4818Windows 10 Login Freezing When Take Control is Selected
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4784Upgrading to V6 causes Hyper-V to not start any virtual machines
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4111Inventory - reports only shows one stick of RAM even if more are present
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4051Send message sending to random users
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3747Log viewer - Resolve as false positive not working in reports
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-833Multiple users alert message "view" button broken
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-974Console reporting clients idle when in use
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-684Not possible to re-enable USB storage when "allowed devices only" setting is applied to a group
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5040Basic console - French translation issues
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4925Error message in server log.
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4108Editing a Send Message Action Policy Text Box Appears Blank
MULTISERVERMANAGEMENTEP-4923Enterprise Console - SMTP port field unable to delete the 0 and when limit reached number changes
IMPERO SERVER, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4874Upgrading from 6.1.68 to 6.2.36 causes policy access rights to be removed
IMPERO SERVER, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4938Disconnecting from the server causes client to use large amounts of CPU
IMPERO SERVEREP-4772Clever - Add a method to choose which clever field to map usernames too
IMPERO SERVEREP-4863Clever - Add option for Impero Admin to give themselves access to ALL groups
IMPERO SERVEREP-4862Maintain customer access rights from within Impero 'Console Access rights' configuration on existing Clever import groups.
IMPERO SERVEREP-3833Delete log files if older than x not working
IMPERO SERVEREP-5064Console Logs - Unhandled Exception when clicking inside the window
IMPERO SERVEREP-5037Console Access Rights - server GUI App stops responding when adding a user with 1000+ groups
IMPERO SERVEREP-5020After an upgrade lots of groups disappear
IMPERO SERVEREP-5002Tidy Access Control settings for Clever Sync
IMPERO SERVEREP-4722Impero server stops logging
IMPERO SERVEREP-4384Console Access Rights Tab is slow after importing > 1000 groups
IMPERO SERVEREP-5081Event 7016 on Impero Server Machine
IMPERO SERVEREP-3380Cannot remove existing items from favourites
IMPERO SERVEREP-3683Clients are sometimes added to the auto update queue multiple times
FIREFOX, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5038Firefox extension constantly disconnects and reconnects to Impero Client
CHROMEBOOK CLIENT, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-944Cancelling a broadcast of another users screen not cancelling on Chromebooks
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-5031Chromebook - Force safe search causes Google Docs to fail to connect
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-4255Disable resource logging not affecting Chromebooks
APPLE OSX CLIENT, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4405Offline clients fail to sync logs and captures when back online
APPLE OSX CLIENT, IMPERO SERVER, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4843Add new Console Access Right to restrict whether new items can be added to a group by name
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-5009Mac - Managed policy written word test terms not working
APPLE IOS CLIENTEP-5047Written Word Managed Policies Not Triggering on iOS
APPLE IOS CLIENTEP-3518iOS - "Hello world" visible under Impero iOS plugin
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-2601Show Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) on Chromebook
APPLE IOS CLIENTEP-5166iOS can hang when remote user closes their view of the screen
IMPERO SERVEREP-5058On EdPro server upgrade the ImperoServerSVC service sometimes fails to stop
IMPERO SERVER, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5122Cannot stop sending thumbnails if client loses connection to server
IMPERO SERVEREP-5230High CPU usage on RDS when Managed Policies Enabled
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5097Scheduled Reports Not Working
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5138Impero Console is not auto refreshing
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5183Client lockup while removing out of date group members
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5186Live Thumbnails stopped appearing in console
WINDOWS CLIENT, APPLE OSX CLIENTIBE-20Firefox browser extension for version 57+
APPLE IOS CLIENTEP-4119Show Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) on iOS Client
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-2555Send and Run file with Credentials
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-5145Impero Server browser tool for Mac
IMPERO SERVEREP-4398Definable set of console access rights for teachers imported via SIS Integration (Clever)

Version 6.2.52 (7th December 2017)

WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5039Education Pro Console won?t open after upgrade
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5073Thumbnails appearing for users who don?t have access to the ?Entire Network?

Version 6.2.49 (19th October 2017)

New Features:
Auto Update of Managed Policies.
Enterprise Console (Multi Server Management)
New CTIRU Keyword Library
Resources Tab in the Impero EdPro Console.
Improvement and Enhancements:
Talk and Listen feature ? Excluding from the MAC console and for sites using Faster User Switching.
Chromebook capture Screenshots now include the overlay. Console Users have the ability to send console Actions/Functions to the Entire Network after service restart.
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4990Added Retry mechanism for getting AD groups if LDAP server is down
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-5009Mac - Managed policy written word test terms were not triggering
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4871Performance Improvement (CPU spikes) when making changes to groups when there are a large amount of groups in use
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4992Console Performance improvements when adding groups when 850 groups & 1200 clients & managed policies (incl. CTIRU)
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5003Email Alerts - Settings were not being saved
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5015Client does not get AD groups if the user logs on in during a certain time window.
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-2Log viewer does not show network printers.
APPLE OSX CLIENT, IMPERO SERVEREP-56MAC: violations all show minor severity in computer list view no matter what real severity is
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-780Windows 2012 RDS Server - Multiple "MetroAppInterface.exe" processes running causing memory issues and Other General Issues
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-803Collect files - Clients can see drives they do not have access to
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-610Capture Screenshots on Chromebooks do not display the overlay
APPLE OSX CLIENT, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-778Talk and listen features do not work
Excluding EP-4823 Talk & Listen does not work with fast user switching & EP-4824 Talk and Listen features not working on Mac console
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4018Bypass Remote Control Deny Access
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4096Capture Overview (Cover flow) Not Displaying Captures images for review
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4177Connection issues on Windows 7 32 bit
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-4376Chromebook: Able to temporarily disable impero client application
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4414Windows - Directory Import using containers causes memory spike and console crash
IMPERO SERVEREP-4692High CPU when restarting server
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4779Console - Group Lock on group created by OS does not work
IMPERO SERVEREP-4766Managed Policy Updates folder not being created on server OS's
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4767Unable to print through Impero using local machine
IMPERO SERVEREP-4771Managed Policies updates cause high RAM usage
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4743Console - Clicking Cancel Broadcast in the pop up when in basic view crashes the console
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4821Captures not logging when triggered from a group added by Type of Client or Operating system
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4770Multiple captures showing if you don't have access to entire network
IMPERO SERVEREP-4738Server locks up after upgrade to 6.0.81
IMPERO SERVEREP-4861SIS Integration - Error importing students with neither email or username
IMPERO SERVERSIS Integration - Policy Access Rights on user created policies overwritten on import
IMPERO SERVEREP-4857Update problem on 6.2 with Leased Licenses or when out of support
IMPERO SERVER, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4872Upgrading from 6.1.68 to 6.2.36 causes access to policies to be removed
IMPERO SERVEREP-4877Auto Updates - after upgrading from 6.1 to 6.2 managed polices not extracting
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4878Blank DOB in clever data results in error when importing
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4906Console Users have the ability to send console Actions/Functions to the Entire Network after service restart
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4909Pin groups - Incorrect user joining Pin group
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4068Email alerts - Built-in block list email alerts not sent/received
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4220Email Alerts - Settings are not being saved
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-5003Send Message ? not always sending to correct selection
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4051Move to different group on violations not working

Version 6.1.68 (21st August 2017)

WINDOWS CLIENTEP-803Collect files - Clients can see drives they do not have access to
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4177Connection issues on Windows 7 32 bit
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4414Directory Import using containers causes memory spike and console crash
IMPERO SERVEREP-4740Update with latest GFI Licence Key
IMPERO SERVEREP-4766Managed Policy Updates folder not being created on server OS's
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4770Multiple captures showing if you don't have access to entire network
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-4794Mac Installer and Mac Distribution certificates update

Version 6.1.65 (26th July 2017)

New Features:
Built in device groups.
Clever SIS Integration
Insight configuration updates.
IMPERO SERVEREP-4747Policy access rights not retained after upgrade to 6.1
IMPERO SERVER, INSIGHTEP-4355Limit EdPro server to return only necessary GroupToCommonId entries during export to Insight
IMPERO SERVEREP-4360Remove references to online support portal password which are no longer correct.
IMPERO SERVEREP-4456Remove attachments from 'illegal content' keyword policy capture email alerts
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-4251User can edit built-in computer groups on Mac OS X
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-4357Items added to block list not respected when group names contain commas
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-4079Console not tracking logged in Chromebook users
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-4391Confide usernames appear blank if no display name given on Chromebook
IMPERO SERVER, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4313Language Translation Issues
IMPERO SERVEREP-4424Patch Management - Anything that is written in the Journal file is lost when the server is re-started
IMPERO SERVEREP-4429EdPro serverservice.log shows negative pending message count
IMPERO SERVEREP-4507EdPro server has high CPU use when DataBroker cannot be contacted
IMPERO SERVEREP-4508EdPro server fails to auto-upgrade
IMPERO SERVER, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4592Offline captures do not send email alerts when client reconnects
IMPERO SERVEREP-4692High CPU when restarting server
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3123Client Translation Issues
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3961Perform inventory does not work for Windows PC's
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4002Impero client/server port allocation causing wrong thumbnails appearing or slow loading thumbnails
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4147Operate logon sits on Log in screen with focus in password field
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4215Display name not always showing
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4241Deploy msi - .net message 3.5 instead of .net 4.6
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4247Upgrading clients to SP issues/Update queue clearing on webcheck
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4310Thumbnail view leaks socket objects
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4372Saving a PDF to a network share with a space in the path fails to open it.
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4412Exam Module - Create new exam button not working
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4434The order of 'My Groups' in the console has been updated
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4588Closing Chrome browser with the Impero Education Pro extension installed causes an uncaught KeyNotFoundException to be thrown
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4591Console locked up with 1200 groups + 1000 clients
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4601Windows - Logging out with unsaved document bypasses Impero policies
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4704Confide window stops web blocking on chrome & firefox
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4719Client Service keeps stopping and starting

Version 6.0.81 (25th May 2017)

WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4354Windows 64bit machine unable to run 32bit applications after upgrade
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4347Windows 10 1703 32 bit ISO - EdPro renders machine unusable to end user
IMPERO SERVER, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4337Make message boxes match the application style

Version 6.0.80 (15th May 2017)

IMPERO SERVEREP-4321Localised Language causes Console crash

Version 6.0.79 (9th May 2017)

New Features:
Chromebook Device ID (Enrolled Devices only)
View the entire screen of a Chromebook
View all open Chrome Browser Tabs.
?Block? Chrome browser Tab ? Add to Block Policy
?Bring to Focus? Chrome Browser Tab
?Close? Chrome Browser Tab
Impero Insight
Support LDAPS
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-3772View Chromebook screen (all available tabs and applications etc)
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3285Mac - Server IP fixed check not working
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-1073Chromebooks capture details not to standard.
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-1080Chromebook: Quick Question - written answer - the formatting, layout and paragraphing of question is not shown
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-3653ChromeOS 53.0 - Remote Control - Cannot type even when sharing Control
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-3721Chromebook - username limit
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-3958Chromebook - Remove multiple page requests to check content
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-4054Chromebook html captures don't work on Upper Case text
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-781Group Settings - Action To Perform When Remote Viewing Not Implemented For Chromebooks
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-4080Make the Chromebook work with the Active windows console menu
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-1028No method available to create Device names/groups for Chromebooks by device ID
CHROMEBOOK CLIENT, IMPERO SERVEREP-4074Chromebook white list event is never logged
CHROMEBOOK CLIENT, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3907Chrome Extension does not monitor content in iframes
IMPERO SERVEREP-3944Log Viewer: Export Capture Image to PDF on a shared network drive console crash.
IMPERO SERVEREP-4020Auto Update - Update files are not being downloaded
IMPERO SERVEREP-4097Insight does not find EdPro databases when databases have been moved
IMPERO SERVEREP-4098Client connection problems following upgrade - Agile.NET
IMPERO SERVER, WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3992Auto-discovery of printers in console for printer credit management fails
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-820Deleted files from my documents are not being logged when "my documents" is redirected
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-1643Blanking screen is captured when Capture transparency is enabled on windows 7
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3770Windows 10 black screen upon logon
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3989Switching off Capture Transparent Windows doesn't affect Windows 10/8.1
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3999Log Viewer - Clicking visited URLs launches File Explorer
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4019Unable to login to certain websites using Chrome browser
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4040Multiple instances of AD user with different username cases in Log Viewer
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4043Broadcast Screen - Cancel broadcast crashes console
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4170LogViewer 'Reports' have multiple instances of AD user with different case
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4194Patch Management - New patch clients get stuck on "Updating Settings"
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4197ClientSVC deadlock
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4208Connectivity Issues (Server)
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4209Client deadlock when trying to connect
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4213Computer list captures do not show when a user doesn't have access to entire network
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4214Managed policies - disabling item causes high CPU
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4230Internet Explorer BHO - Slow to respond
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4236More images than captures in email alerts

Version 6.0.45 (13th March 2017)

WINDOWS CLIENTEP-4168Console Access Rights ? Restrictions to Console Access Rights are not saved when the console is closed.

Version 6.0.42 (6th March 2017)

New Features:
External Tools (Website Shortcuts)
Encrypted Keyword Policies.
Disable/Enable Managed Policy Item.
Go to Keyword Policy item from Log Viewer.
Capture Notification Emails by Group, by Keyword Policies and by Severity.
Impero EdPro Server and Client Auto Download and Auto Upgrade.
APPLE IOS CLIENTEP-3689Captures triggered by an iPad do not display what the trigger was
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-60Client stores xml's in wrong place
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3241ImperoClientsvc process/memory leak
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3662Mac reports the wrong severity for Captures
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3727Impero client issues with parental controls
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3864Mac Client high CPU when viewing thumbnails.
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-3898Screenshots on Chromebook do not always appear even though the console says the Capture has one associated with it
IMPERO SERVEREP-3826Performance issue when browsing through the logs
IMPERO SERVEREP-3863EduPro server tells clients to update to versions newer than the server itself
IMPERO SERVEREP-3771EduPro server is not auto-updating itself
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3871Turning off alerts on a policy item will stop auto refresh on the console.
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-683Exam Module - Pop Up Message When Not Enough Answers Contains Spelling and Grammar Errors
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-884Youid desktop tiles - Reload all and clear users grammar issues
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-942Confide Viewer - Grammar Error
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3513Applied Policies Window does not open if an enabled policy name has a tilde (~) in it
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3514Users are not being pulled from AD with a message GET_AD_GROUP_FAIL_TIMEOUT
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3633Policy items list goes blank when switching policies to/from a large policy
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3668Muting group crashes windows client application
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3695Multiple entries erroneously appear in log viewer for a single capture
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3735Confide report viewer incorrect report time stamps
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3741Chrome Browser appears as Chromebook
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3763Email alert - Capture screenshot location duplicated for every user in the email list
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3787Adding items to software licencing crashes the console
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3903Multiple monitor selection not working
ALL PLATFORMSEP-3792Send an email based on severity when policy items are triggered at a group level
ALL PLATFORMSEP-3759Go to policy item related to capture for Managed policies from log viewer
IMPERO SERVEREP-3110Download files from Impero Download Server
IMPERO SERVEREP-3545Update managed policies without a server restart
IMPERO SERVEREP-3682Auto-Updates Default to Off
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3525View version of managed policy
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3716Allow up to 5 configurable buttons for External Tools
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3611Updated link to pCredits guidance
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3567Upgraded client application and service to .net 4.6

Version 5.4.38 (24th November 2016)

IMPERO SERVEREP-3826Performance improvement when browsing data through log viewer.
IMPERO SERVEREP-3790Server socket connectivity error
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-3788Chromebook - Causes to hang after logging in once

Version 5.4.36 (1st November 2016)

•Windows Platform - integrated Japanese translations
•Chromebook - Version numbers are added to both the Impero Chrome application and extension titles
IMPERO CLIENTEP-696Power management reports ? computer name overlaps the results.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-863Power management - Computer used and log on count incorrect
IMPERO CLIENTEP-867Power management ? Money wasted column not sorting correctly.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-937New exam images that are not downloaded in designer need loading image.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-1005Unable to remotely log on to Windows 8 PC?s with GPO enabled to prevent displaying last user name.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-2318Log on feature inputs information into wrong areas on Windows 10 OS.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3402AUP inconsistently not appearing on clients.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3464Whitelist rule applied to all triggers
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3489Print credits recharging does not recharge
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3511User display name is not captured in the console for non-domain machines.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3656Built in alert shows ?violation? and ?scription?
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3677Windows Capture triggering on non-present policy words
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3700The console is displaying the last selected group once console access rights have been changed.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3702Non authorised users appear in the console upon launch.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3731Patch management license expired
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-570Unable to take control of the machine when the mac is on the logon screen.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3426Sierra ? None of the browser extensions are blocking/logging.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3666Capture video recordings are title ?violation?
APPLE IOS CLIENTEP-3746IOS client malfunction when handling domain name groups
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-3384Not receiving email alerts from captures.

Version 5.4.20 (8th September 2016)

Multiple platforms - Managed Policies.
Multiple platforms - Changed the term ?Violation? to ?Capture.?
Windows - Log viewer refresh
IMPERO SERVEREP-3124Translation improvements.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-851Alert console user on log on.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3246No video file present for capture recording in defined time.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3390Recent history not displaying in the console tree.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3413Scheduled reports increase the dates of previously created reports.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3416Log Viewer - HTML captures reporting as wrong capture type.
APPLE IOS CLIENTEP-3336Client plugin closing and opening the app in ios8.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3365Capture display window is squashed.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3391Capture alerts do not show what triggered the capture.
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-3383Multiple connectivity enhancements.
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-3388Chromebook start up configuration time.
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-3400Chromebook connectivity if the application and extension are started in the wrong order.
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-3419Unable to view live thumbnails when Chromebook have multiple NIC?s.
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-3431Chromebooks disconnect when viewing their screens.
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-3433Time taken for Chromebook to reconnect when the network is interrupted.
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-3454Entire network policies are not triggered.
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-3477Capture logs reporting an hour after the initial capture.

Version 5.3.32 (21st July 2016)

IMPERO SERVEREP-3283Impersonation issues ? Results in groups not publishing in the console.
IMPERO SERVEREP-3213Confide ? Replacing users can result in the same user being assigned to an issue multiple times
IMPERO SERVEREP-3212Confide ? Recently removed users appear in the list of users to reassign issues to
IMPERO SERVEREP-3211Confide sends the report to previous reportee
IMPERO SERVEREP-883Duplicate user appear when old ilog imported and now in chronological order
IMPERO SERVEREP-3131Confide ? Removed Users aren?t saved
IMPERO CLIENTEP-803Collect files ? Clients can only see the drives they have access to.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-1043Violation notes filed only shows the first line.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-2587Button to join entered pin group
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3332Expanding a group under the ?groups? tree doesn?t display any information.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3252Unable to expand the ?users? group in log viewer
IMPERO CLIENTEP-875Entering an IP for a server to connect to in the menu fails to connect to the new server.
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3328Print Credits ? unable to differentiate between mono & Colour Costs
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3236Scheduled Polices
IMPERO CLIENTEP-3221Log Viewer: Dates, Computers and Users are unsorted.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3285Server IP fixed check functionality.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3089Mac ? Printing not working since upgrading to El Capitan
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3249UDP search connection issues

Version 5.3.25 (25th May 2016)

WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3156Outlook injection crash
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3154Send File enhancements
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3209Guardian service stopping the client service
IMPERO SERVEREP-3220AD time-out improvements

Version 5.3.21 (12th May 2016)

Multiple Platforms - Pin Groups Feature
Chromebook - Confide Feature
Chromebook - Typed word detection
APPLE IOS CLIENTEP-1235Action to perform on violation ignoring time set
APPLE IOS CLIENTEP-2578Group based actions not affecting iPads for a period of time
APPLE IOS CLIENTEP-2586iPads not receiving exams
APPLE IOS CLIENTEP-25982015 is displayed at the bottom when the app is opening
APPLE IOS CLIENTEP-3092Actions on violation trigger not working
APPLE IOS CLIENTEP-3094Slow performance with large policy lists in place
APPLE IOS CLIENT APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-2605Unified code not translating
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-111Mac Console - Changing groups will clear any violations that occurred since the console was opened.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-153Disable resizing of the log on and log off forms
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-164OSX 10.9 and 10.10 macs managed with Apple Profile Manager prevents client from running when logged in as non admin user
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-167OSX console displays "No User Logged On" users which allows them to be added to Screens Locked group
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-187Blank screen is not working.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-188Confide reporter - Can't submit issue as anonymous
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-198Lock screen not appearing when network cable is unplugged
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-205New policy with a missing name does not? present you with an error message
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-222Clients are not visible in the power management report
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-227Allow List - Items Can Be Renamed.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-238Trying to control one user with all users ticked results in multiple remote control sessions
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-244Quick question message displays font text
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-245Advanced policies - Hibernate action policy spelling error
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-249Console crashing when attempting to remove existing groups
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-254Broadcasting another screen causes the console to hang.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-2560Client not connecting at logon
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-2572Edit schedule button does not work
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-2604Mac - Advanced policies - Policy status changes not being reflected
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-262Computer list users aren't sorted alphabetically by default
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-267Computer List - Violations: Missing several important columns.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-273Hide the default username "No User Logged In" for iOS.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-280Computer List - Violations: Will always show as YES for both screenshots and Videos.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-301Print quota - Spelling error
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-3053Unable to change group type of existing groups
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-313Impero block screen does not hide "vowels for display" on block screen
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-316Unable to cancel full screen broadcasts
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-322Violations Column - "Glossary" Column Should Not Be Present.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-329?Violation Overview top right is overlapped by the bottom of the thumbnail screenshot.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-335Groups do not update when navigating with arrow keys
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-344Advanced policies - Wake on lan action policy spelling error
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-349Computer list - Chromebooks & Windows 10 machines show as "Unknown OS" under the OS column
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-355Impero block screen does not censor reason and policy on block screen
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-364Creating a block policy for html content cannot be created
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-378Record Screen Does Not Work.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-379Actions submenu missing from Group context menu
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-395Missing Horizontal Scroll Bar on Block List
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-412Unable to hide "other personal groups" list
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-418Computer list turns grey randomly
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-42Frequent non-responsive console when attempting to create a new group
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-423Console Password window does not have keyboard focus when it appears
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-425Unlock Screen on group presents wrong message
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-432Groups are not sorted alphabetically
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-445IOS thumbnail not being generated.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-455Remote Control window - nothing happens when clicking on Screenshot
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-457Advanced policies whitelist Spelling issues
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-481Blank entries can be added to the server IP fixed table
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-490Screen does not size to 100% in remote control window
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-491Losing connection to the Impero Server locks the screen when "Lock the users screen when the network cable is pulled out"
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-515Confide desktop button not appearing after submitting an issue.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-521Allow list not adding asterisks before and after items
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-524Save screenshot is not working rev
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-527Console crashes when console access rights are turned off
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-534Screensaver appears over broadcasts
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-535Group access rights greyed out
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-543Console crashes when user attempts to edit certain action policy items
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-548Violations - Letter "y" is cut off from headers
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-559Personal group remains open when client is offline
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-562Watch recordings does not work
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-565?Client goes offline when access rights are on but the mac is not in the list
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-57Mac sometimes does not appear in computer list if not logged on.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-572Opening properties for entire network spams the user with pop up message
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-573Confide welcome form text cut off
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-588Mac - Add new member flickering
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-591Unable to rename groups in the console.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-602Run website in safari add "file:///" to the url
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-603Block screen workaround.
APPLE OSX CLIENTEP-630No Console Access for Reconnected Mac Users
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-1069Messages do not close automatically after 30 seconds
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-1076Missing icons are appearing in the Confide form
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-1077Live chat icons on Chromebook are the wrong way around.
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-2565Reportees not appearing within confide
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-2566Code appears within the received message
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-2574Chromebook OS appears as "Windows Server 2012" within computer list
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-2579Battery Level always "Plugged In"
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-3099Chromebook can fail to connect to servers that are under heavy load.
CHROMEBOOK CLIENTEP-797Event viewer stuck on "please wait"
IMPERO SERVEREP-2609Unable to import legacy ilog archives
IMPERO SERVEREP-2622Server connection issues caused by the wake on lan policies.
IMPERO SERVEREP-2850Auto backup of the Policy files not taking place
IMPERO SERVEREP-2859Log Viewer fails to display data
IMPERO SERVEREP-2988No icon changes in Server Windows.
IMPERO SERVEREP-3045Enhanced security - server password does not recognize the correct password
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-1Metro Interface App affects any pop-up that appears on windows server 2008 R2
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-1008AD Users Who Do not Have "Domain Users" as primary group fail to get access rights.
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-1060Change password not displaying confirmation message
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-1065Advanced policies disappear from other groups if enabled on entire network
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-2318"log on" feature inputs information into wrong areas - windows 10
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-2365Windows secure logon can't be bypassed by mimic script
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-2388Admin tab - Missing translations in various languages
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-2395Expanding the "Group" node within log viewer doesn't display anything
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-2431Mass Policy editor doesn't update policies
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-2465Quick Access Toolbar - Missing Translations For Some Options.
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-2476Computer groups not showing up in patch management
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-2581pCredits - print credits are being deducting when printing from anywhere
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-2589Offline synchronisation
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-2590Unable to view videos via Log Viewer
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-2756Mail Server Settings - Missing Translations
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-3061Ask if allowed doesn't take affect if on thumbnail view
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-667Request assistance takes focus
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-712Touchscreen Surface - keyword detection does not work
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-754Software Licensing Missing Translations.
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-814Run Mimic viewer has description in English no matter what language chosen
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-933Impero Client reports incorrect security group membership
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-934Violations cannot be exported to PDF
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-967Client service stops if the user cancels shutdown
WINDOWS CLIENTEP-970Custom background images disappear after 1 minute

Version 5.2.10 (25th February 2016)

WIN (Server)?ilog corruption
WIN (Server)?Duplicates in the clients file.
WIN (Client)?Client not launching if user aborts logoff/shutdown.
MAC?Hovering over violations does not display screenshot.
MAC?Violations cannot be exported to PDF.
iOS?fixed and issue where an ios block is listed as block severity instead of block priority.
iOS?Switching groups removes violation notification.
Chromebook?Disable internet button is not taking affect.
Chromebook?Scheduled group policy.
Chromebook?Assign Task functionality.
Chromebook?Keyword Detection.

Version 5.1.21 (4th February 2016)

MAC?Safari extension not blocking or logging visited websites in Safari.
MAC?AUP confirmation screen non responsive.
WIN (Client)?mproved connectivity in clients running older versions.
WIN (Client)?Repeatedly refreshing blocked pages unblocks.
WIN (Server)?Increased timeout when accessing the policy settings.
WIN (Server)?Multiple server performance enhancements.
WIN (Server)?Unable to deploy auto updates.

Version 5.1.12 (15th December 2015)

?NEWEnhanced security between Impero Server and Clients (full TLS/SSL upgrade)
?NEWAES256 encryption for remote control and audio sessions
?NEWImpero Server port changed to 30016 for upgraded security
?NEWRemoved the Impero proxy
?NEWImproved recording playback application
?NEWDisable Impero under group settings has been changed
iOSFIXissue that was causing app browser to crash on iOS9
iOSFIXissue that was causing app to crash when viewing live thumbnails on iOS9????
iOSFIXWindows 10 should now be identified correctly
iOSFIXViolation logging updated to be in line with cross-platform format
iOSFIXFixed an issue where user help was being incorrectly obscured when displayed in an??????? edit box
iOSFIXRemoved animations from quick questions which was stopping answer from being displayed correctly
iOSFIXFixed a problem where the operating system was being incorrectly identified
iOSFIXFixed an issue where access rights were not being correctly applied
MACFIXClient service does not attempt to reconnect to a fixed IP after disconnection.
MACFIXServer IP fixed value does not always take priority
MACFIXInputting special characters into a new group name causes console to crash.
MACFIXConsole access authentication
MACFIXClient will not connect if not logged on.
MACFIXRemote control window opens multiple windows.
MACFIXMinimise button not working when the remote control session is in full screen mode.
MACFIXAdvanced page opened by default on advanced policy edit/create.
MACFIXPossible to change the type of policy items when they are being added / edited.
WIN (Client)FIXExam module crashing under certain scenarios when viewing results.
WIN (Client)FIXWebsite violations reason information being duplicated.
WIN (Client)FIXCancelling the console password box returns an incorrect password error.
WIN (Client)FIXAdvanced policies don?t work.
WIN (Client)FIXPossible to browse AD when adding to a group.
WIN (Client)FIXOffline Exam editor missing.
KNOWN ISSUE Under iOS 9+ screens can only be viewed when Impero App is in foreground

Version 5.1.05 (17th August 2015)

?NEWEnhanced security between Impero Server and Clients
?FIXSeveral security vulnerabilities identified and fixed
WIN (Client)FIXConsole crashes when viewing thumbnails of remote computers.
WIN (Server)FIXFavourites tab fails to load on the server.

Version 5.0.03 (13th March 2015)

?NEWSync with AD Usernames on Mobile Devices
?NEWNew icon designs for menus and dropdown lists in the Impero Console
?NEWThumbnail headers turn red when there are new violations
?NEWThumbnail View: Added Operating System icon indicators to thumbnails
?NEWWhitelist support enabled in chrome extension.
?FIXAdded condition to make sure auto updates aren't being pushed to chrome devices.
?FIXAdditional fix to ensure Chromebooks get policy updates
?FIXAdvanced Policies: Allow list policies will now have accurate column headers
?FIXAUP: The Acceptable Use Policy will no longer display if the Impero Server is deactivated or the licence expires.
?FIXAutomatic Updates: No longer possible to enter a blank start/end time for scheduled updates.
?FIXBattery Level now reports ?unavailable? when OS is Chromebook
?FIXBroadcast Screen: The "Select Record Area" window should now be correctly displayed when switching from another broadcaster back to yourself if "Portion of screen" is checked.
?FIXCan no longer enter a blank title for a chat session.
?FIXChrome extension: Impero web block now shows when blocked in incognito mode
?FIXChromebook: Live Chat Text when removing a user from chat session has changed.
?FIXClient list: The print icon in the violation tooltip will now allow you to print to the selected printer.
?FIXConfide Viewer: Added a minimum width to the "Assigned To" column, so the icon will always be visible.
?FIXConfide: Prevented non image files from being selected when choosing a user avatar image
?FIXConfide: The Confide icon should no longer become stuck under the Windows taskbar.
?FIXFixed a number of issues around the Chromebook client reconnecting after login.
?FIXFixed issue with Inventory: Results for exact match and match sequence will now be displayed correctly
?FIXFixed an issue when registering a server in a USA time zone.
?FIXFixed an issue where broadcast would get stuck due to lost connection with the Impero Server
?FIXGroup Properties: Fixed an issue which may prevents groups from being listed when trying to set the "Move to Group" option.
?FIXImpero Server: Confide Added a basic validation check when adding email addresses to confide users
?FIXImpero Server: Convert mac power logs corrected grammar in message displayed to user
?FIXLock Screen: Prevented alt+tab/windows key + tab from being used when the screen is locked.
?FIXLog Viewer: Export Items containing commas should no longer be spread across multiple columns
?FIXLog Viewer: No longer able to drag and drop search results
?FIXLog Viewer: Removed reference to double clicking results in searches as this functionality is not implemented
?FIXMessages were being sent to all users and not the currently selected user.
?FIXNumber of fixes around policies and Chromebooks.
?FIXPatch Management: Increased timeout for all messages from 5 seconds to 15 seconds to reduce issues with larger databases
?FIXPatch Management Reports: Corrected the spelling of ?received? in report details
?FIXPatch Management: Applying profile changes will no longer cause another profile to become selected.
?FIXPatch Management: Hovering over the pie chart in the dashboard will no longer display a "cross" cursor.
?FIXPatch Management: The "Start Date" for reports will now default to the day before the current date, rather than a year before.
?FIXPersonal Groups: "Delete" will no longer be displayed next to each user within a Personal Group as it provides no functionality. Only the "Remove All" button can remove users unless the console is closed.
?FIXPersonal Groups: The "Load User List" window can no longer be maximised.
?FIXPersonal Groups: Enabled the delete link, so teachers can remove people from their group and admins can remove from other people?s groups.
?FIXRemote control for Chromebook and viewing the same thumbnails.
?FIXRemoved "UseV2Proxy" from resultant set of settings
?FIXSave Screenshot: Scroll bars should only be visible when required.
?FIXSoftware Licencing: * Exporting entries with commas in the description will no longer cause text to be spread over multiple columns.
?FIXThe "Licence Type" will now be correctly displayed as text rather than a number.